Business Anywhere raises 1 million Euros

Créée en 2005, specialized in mobile phont developmenet solution and mobile marketing, Business Anywhere just raised 1 million d'euros. Now Galia Gestion, Aquitaine Création Investissement (ACI) and Limousin Participations follow the company developement. With this fund raising, Business Anywhere will recruit new staff to reinforce its actual team in order to answer new clients in the best time possible. And focus its developmeent on market (mobile marketing, mobile applications) with strong potential.

About Business Anywhere :

Created in 2005 by Laurent Bourgitteau-Guiard (General Manager) and Jean-Michel Parot (President), Business Anywhere has, since the beggining, proposed innovative solution around mobility to key accounts. Since 2007 marketing mobile products from Business Anywhere participate fully to its turnover development and they gained trust from key accounts like Crédit Agricole, Cdiscount, Banque Populaire Occitane, Gambro or Refleximmo with new and more original mobile tools.

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Laurent Bourgitteau-Guiard, General Manager
13 rue Jean Baptiste Perrin, 33320 Eysines
Tél : 05 56 42 93 43

About Galia Gestion :
Contact : Vincent Schifano

About Limousin Participations :
Contact : Rémy Glantenay

Aboutd'ACI :
Contact : Séverine Taillades