Snapp’ at the 12th Aquitaine Economics Day conference

Snapp’ will be at the 12th Aquitaine Economy Day, which takes places at Bordeaux the 3rd of September. The conferences will be about “Another way to sell products and services”. This is the main event of this autumn for economic and politic leaders!

We will take part of the 2nd conference about digital evolution and innovative business models. Laurent Bourgitteau Guiard, Snapp’ general manager, will present FidMe, the m-loyalty european leader with almost 4 million users. He will explain how, with contextualized data, mobile increases visits and sales in stores.

Smartphone equipment rate is increasing and clients are more and more connected, that’s not anymore a threat for stores but an advantage. New features brought by mobile and connected objects are new opportunities. Marketing rules have changed, and retailers have to adjust their strategy.

Conferences program

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