New technologies can be a great opportunity to reinvent the way you work with your employees and partners. Our business solutions support you in your digital transformation.


We create easy-to-use tools for task management and list creation. The goal is to increase productivity and efficiency while facilitating the reporting.

  • Prioritization of tasks to be carried out by collaborator, project, site, period …
  • Posting deadlines
  • Collecting field data in real-time: comments, photos, videos
  • Back office to create and schedule tasks
  • Analysis of all data
  • Monitoring of contractual commitments
  • Reportings
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Sales force App

We value the mission of each seller by improving product and customer knowledge while building loyalty. This mobile solution BtoE offers your sales force personalized support of their prospects / customers.

By offering a complete application, we give your employees an accurate view of the catalog and inventory that will allow them to process customer relations faster and more efficiently.

Potentially coupled with mobile checkout, you totally optimize the shopping journey of your customers!

  • Dematerialization of the product catalog (visuals, videos …)
  • Integration of sales pitches
  • Customer account: creation, modification, history …
  • Quotation creation, online validation via electronic signature
  • Interconnection with the loyalty program, management of promotional offers
  • Taking (pre) orders
  • In-app payment: credit card (choice of delivery)
  • Statistics, KPI
  • Synchronization of data in real-time
  • Online Assistance
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B2E applications to strengthen the skills of your employees, in an intuitive and productive way. By creating your BtoE app, you pool the knowledge of your teams while offering them the opportunity to work together. Integrating a mobile solution into your business will boost motivation and the productivity of your employees.

  • Personalized and secure access
  • Sharing good practices
  • Skills assessment
  • Skills and Career Management
  • Co-construction of know-how
  • Management of training plans
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Field intervention App

To better plan and manage the interventions of your technicians, workers, inspectors … An innovative tool for project management or site allows you to view in real-time all the changes made by your various stakeholders. Efficiency and speed are the watchwords of our mobile solution.

  • Optimization of schedules
  • Visualization in real-time of the activity of the field teams
  • Intervention Report
  • Real-time data sharing between headquarters and the field
  • Scheduling tasks
  • Time management: time worked, absences, holidays …
  • Real time budget tracking
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