B&B Hôtels, Ticket restaurant, FidMe: applications’ updates in May

Not less than 3 applications by Snapp’ are updated in May, two of them are already available on your connected watches!

B&B Hotels: your nights in Italy

The hotels network available in the application extends to Disneyland Paris and Italy. Ideal to visit the universal exhibition in Milan!

application iPhone application Android B&B Hôtels

Download B&B Hôtels on Android
Download B&B Hôtels on iOS

Ticket Restaurant deployed on connected watches

Since April 24th, official launching date of the Apple Watch, users of Ticket restaurant cards can now consult their daily and account balance on the Apple Watch and on the Android Wear watches.

Ticket Restaurant application iPhone Android Apple Watch Android Wear

Ticket Restaurant application on iOS
Ticket Restaurant application on Android

FidMe: all your loyalty cards at your wrist

The latest FidMe update includes the connection to the Apple Watch and to the Android Wear watches. Save time at checkout by presenting your loyalty card at your wrist!

FidMe application iPhone Android Windows Phone

The latest available versions include:
- revised news screen and easier accessibility to iGraal’s coupons;
- Alerts for important updates;
- improved coupons’ screen;
- Several corrections and performance improvements.
Windows Phone users can also enjoy improvements with the latest version published in April.

FidMe on iPhone and Apple Watch
FidMe on Android and Android Wear
FidMe on Windows Phone

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