Brand Solutions, the new FidMe service created for brands

Brand Solutions, the new FidMe service created for brands

Your brand is commercialized in a distribution network or on a website? Whether you already have a loyalty program or not, FidMe provides you with Brand Solutions a turnkey product to increase your Brand visibility, recruit new clients, win their loyalty, know your clients better!

Brand Solutions nouveau services FidMe dédié aux marques

FidMe, the application with over 5 million users, keeps evolving. Last month, we unveiled its new graphic identity with a new icon, simpler, modern and more colorful. A first step before the arrival of new features, that will allow brands to create or digitalize their loyalty program, and that will better reward users for their loyalty.

Displaying your loyalty program in FidMe gives you precious datas about shopping habits and your client’s profiles.
These datas are anonymized and collected only for users who gave us their authorization.
These insights are powerful to increase the average shopping basket, drive customers to purchase at the right time!

Brand Solutions answer consumer brand's challenges

  • RECRUIT new customers;
  • WIN your shoppers' loyalty;
  • TARGET your strategic customers at key moments of their purchase path;
  • COLLECT insights and data about your customers' purchasing behaviour and profile;
  • INCREASE shopping basket, purchasing frequency, and level of products' repeat purchases;
  • SUPPORT a product launch or innovation;
  • PROMOTE cross-selling amoung your products' ranges, etc.

A playful approach for your customers

In the next FidMe version, users will access a Brands space, where they will play with their cashdesk receipts to earn brand points and access gifts and discounts!

  1. The user scans his cashdesk receipt in the FidMe application;
  2. He collects points for each purchase of the brand;
  3. He gains access to gifts and discounts on his next purchase;
  4. In his Brands space, he retrieves his loyalty balance and news about Brands;
  5. He receives push notifications when new products or discounts are online.


Do you want to learn more about Brand Solutions and discover a preview of FidMe Brands feature? Contact us! or at +33 (0)5 47 74 52 50