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Enrich your customers’ experience with a shopping app to drive them throughout their shopping experience.

  • News, the storytelling of the brand or the retailer
  • Fluid navigation or product catalog
  • Detailed product sheet
  • Product Scan (QR code, barcode, visual) for additional information
  • Geolocation of points of sale
  • Favorite product management
  • Order: payment, delivery tracking
  • In-app and out-app notifications

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Strengthen the relationship with your customers and their engagement with a relevant mobile service.

  • Dematerialization of loyalty card
  • Account the balance of points or the pot
  • Agenda news, specials and tips
  • Dematerialization of catalogs
  • Coupon Management
  • Transaction History
  • Alert (push notification) news, credits, sales

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Save your customer time with mobile checkout! Your customers have the power to no longer wait in line to pay.
Whether with self check out applications or wallet applications, your customers pay with their mobile phone to avoid wasting time at checkout.


No need to have your credit cards, restaurant vouchers, loyalty card, or coupons … on you, the wallet application, combines all these advantages. With the help of a unique identifier (QR code, barcode …), the customer chooses his method of payment and pay in a single gesture.

  • Credit card r by manual input, scan or using controller technology
  • Loyalty program connection
  • Credit card payement (transfer in real-time), account fidelity debit, restaurant voucher …
  • Coupons and loyalty credits
  • Dematerialization of the receipt
  • Payment history

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Do not wait for your customers unnecessarily at the cashier. With the help of their smartphone, they are now autonomous to pay their purchases in-store, independently. A unique buying experience that saves time and just waiting to be reiterated.

  • Cart Creation by Scanning Product Barcodes (or NFC Tap)
  • Display of promotional offers: loyalty offers, catalog discounts, up selling, cross selling
  • Variable weight product management
  • Visualization of total races in real time
  • In app payment: SDK integration of a payment service provider
  • Anti fraud control
  • Historical dematerialized cash receipts
  • Back office tracking baskets in progress, sales

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A mobile application is used to make your life easier and in particular to facilitate communication with your fellow citizens, your customers, your prospects… Increase your reach with the power of a dedicated mobile application.

  • Follow news and info (in real time)
  • Video playback / podcasts
  • Interactive programs / calendars
  • Customization: add to favorites
  • Sharing documents
  • Interconnection to social networks
  • Chatbot / Internal Messaging

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SCAN & PAY Solution

Based on our experience, we have developed a turnkey solution for self-scanning and self check-out: SCAN & PAY. In record time, make available to your customers the means to make their purchases without going through the cashier.
SCAN & PAY is:

  • Mobile payment without checkout
  • Rapid deployment
  • Scalable solution
  • Interoperable with your ecosystem
  • Minor investments
  • Time-saving
  • Optimization of the store space
  • Fluidify the customer journey

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