Our expertise

You dream about it, we make it !

Mission after mission, Snapp' has forged a solid expertise to assist you effectively in all your projects, from the design to the production of your mobile applications.

Our services

Strategy and consulting

Our experience allows us to take a step back to offer you a reflection at once comprehensive, judicious and independent. Thus, our experts offer solutions tailored to your digital strategy and guide you in your functional and technological choices. We aim together to optimize your investment.

UX - UI Design

Whatever the technology, whatever the device, the user experience is at the heart of our business. Understanding your environment in order to have a global vision of the problems of your future customers or collaborators is essential. This method helps us to design unique interfaces that really make everyday life easier.

Development and integration

Our approach allows us to stay closer to your needs and to adapt completely to your organization. Each project is approached in a personalized way and relies on a robust and scalable technical architecture to guarantee you performance, reactivity ... and enough options for the next innovation!

Beyond design

Once your application is developed, we stay at your side!

Deployment and App Store Optimization

Snapp' makes your solution available for your future users on public stores (App Store, Google Play, Microsoft Store) or on your private store. We also guide you to optimize the visibility of your mobile application on the stores to facilitate search and download by a mobile user.

Hosting and maintenance

Once your project is in production, we choose together the most appropriate maintenance service to ensure the durability and scalability of your mobile solution. We can also manage the hosting with the level of security and confidentiality necessary for your activity.

Native App Development

To take full advantage of the specificities of each OS (iOS and Android) and to leave maximum room for disruptive projects.

Hybrid development

Engaged early in the React community, our developers master all the strings of the unique code and offer you qualitative applications while reducing the time needed to develop a multi-OS application.

SDK development

In addition to the integration of third-party SDKs (analytics, geolocation, payment, couponing, etc.), we propose to develop your own SDK to broadcast your solution with ease.

API development and integration

The APIs we design allow you to enrich a program with features from other softwares to develop more advanced features for your application or import data. An intuitive internal API makes an effective link between your app and your back-office web interface.

Scalable deployment

Our solutions are designed to evolve with your ambitions: from POC to multi-site deployment without having to review everything.

Embedded architecture

With the Ruby on Rails or Django framework, we can connect to any ERP or external API or build your ecosystem from scratch. Robustness, simplicity and productivity are our priorities.