Partnership between Honest Discounts and FidMe

The partnership between FidMe and Honest Discounts is now official ! Honest Discounts is a loyalty program available in the USA allowing its owners to have discounts in American drugstores, they could now benefit from this card with FidMe application.

Below, the press release published on the Honest Discounts website :

Honest Discounts partners with Fidme to provide mobile savings!

Boston, MA – Honest Discounts, a mobile-based healthcare discounts program, is pleased to announce their integration with FidMe, a mobile application that allows users to consolidate their loyalty cards. Customers can download the Honest Discounts card to their FidMe account and start saving 10-75% on all generic and brand name medications at their local pharmacy.

Honest Discounts is at the forefront of the media-tech revolution, reshaping the purchasing habits of consumers by simplifying the burden of medical expenses. “Honest Discounts is excited to be working with Snapp (FidMe) a clear leader in the mobile loyalty card space. With applications on every major mobile phone platform, we are thrilled to bring our savings cards, a great value add, to their user base,” stated Ian Goodwin, Vice President of Honest Discounts.

With over 100,000 downloads, FidMe is available on multiple platforms and is an innovative way to save loyalty cards in seconds. To input loyalty cards the application uses a barcode scanner that reads barcodes from mobile phone cameras. Any loyalty card can be added to their database.

Since 2008, the healthcare debate has raged feverishly throughout the United States. The interests of each side have been loudly voiced and strongly heard. Instead of venting about the problems from each end, Honest Discounts has created a solution – the Honest Discounts Prescription Discount Card Program. This program allows anyone to save 10-75% on all generic and brand name prescriptions not covered by health insurance. The card is accepted at over 54,000 pharmacies across the country. Honest Discount’s new platform integrates partnerships with websites, mobile applications, non-profits, communities, and small businesses, allowing everyone to join in on the effort to provide affordable healthcare at no cost. The Card Program is the latest of many and Honest Discounts has multiple other partners ready for launch in the coming months.