Our values

Expertise, pragmatism, reactivity

Experts in mobile applications’ development since 2005, even before the launch of the first iPhone! Based in Bordeaux, a French Tech city, we are present for our clients whether they are in Paris, London or Tokyo. From the beginning to the end, we will guide you through your project with reactivity and pragmatism. A team of 20 talents (graphic artists, developers, project managers…) is here to listen to you!

Developing and making applications evolve? This is also our day-a-day with our FidMe application, the leading mobile wallet in Europe, that we develop’ since 2005. Available in 80 countries, 19 languages and compatible with every smartphone, FidMe gathers thousands of loyalty cards and coupons.

The way we work

At the service of our clients' success



After a careful analysis of your objectives, needs and competitors context, we will find a solution in line with your budget. To make your application successfull and adopted by the majority, we provide a special attention to the user experience.

  • Users’ analysis and creation of users’ scenarios
  • Design proposals and mock ups
  • Validation by user tests
  • Design of the technical architecture: technical and functional specifications (Description of data flows with the back office, integration with the information system, and security architecture)

Development of multiplatform applications

A successful user experience goes through a solid and efficient technical infrastructure. We develop scalable solutions based on the latest technologies and adapted to each mobile environment (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Windows10, HTML5) and server (Ruby on Rails, SQL Server).

  • Design of the graphic interphase
  • App development, web services and integration
  • Securing flows
  • Tests and user tests

Analysis and performance monitoring

And then? Our assistance continues with the analysis of your solution's performance. We help you identify the next steps to improve customer experience and maximize engagement. We can also manage the maintenance of your solution to warrantee a high quality service.

  • Hosting services, database and / or services connection to your infrastructure
  • App Store Optimization (ASO)
  • Mobile marketing: A/B testing, analytics, push notifications...
  • Maintenance 

Our products

A mobile solution to each need!

Tailored application

We offer innovative solutions and a personalized approach to make your goals compatible with a unique user experience.

  • Smartphones, tablets, and connected objects
  • Mobile sites
  • Native application, hybrid
  • B2B, B2C, or business application
  • Connected objects


White Label Application

Snapp’Fid is a complete turnkey solution that allows you to digitalize your loyalty card program on the mobile of your customers.

  • Personalized graphic charter
  • Multilingual application
  • Compatible with most information systems, ERP and CRM software packages
  • Back office to control your program and analyze its usage

FidMe application™

Connect or create your own mobile loyalty program in FidMe, send offers to your clients or prospects. You will take advantage of an immediate visibility within millions of users and the latest innovations in terms of mobile loyalty and drive to store.

  • FidMe Connect for brands and retailers having already a loyalty program willing to optimize their presence in mobiles
  • FidMe Stampcards for franchises and local shops willing to create a loyalty program by themselves.
  • FidMe Coupons for brands and retailers willing to send coupons or deals on mobile phones.